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Why consulting jobs are on the rise worldwide

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Context is key in this area. New to consulting, my guess is the same reason why I have decided to join the field. That is, tailoring expertise to meet Client's needs. This is because nowadays, specialist knowledge is relevant in order to provide specific insight and solutions. Given even Google can be consulted nowadays. YouTube is also available. Reason why context is key to the ever increasing number of Consultants.


I believe at Rose Fortitude, we are poised to offer solutions to real problems in this era of technology, with information at the touch of a button. The Director is undoubtedly placed by experience in law and business across 4 jurisdictions. Namely, the United Kingdom, Albany NY, Uganda and The Gambia. With knowledge pertaining to each demographic and connections to match, giving our consulting brand an edge like no other within the industry.

Relevant areas include: -






Time and Cost

Moreover, Consultancy does not need to be rigid but accurate. It must meet the mark to deliver above and beyond. Which is another reason why Rose Fortitude can offer packages to suit individual needs. Our fees are not the priority but time is of the essence.


Consultancy has been attractive to Clients because they are reliable means of obtaining affordable and accurate data. Due to growth in this area, it is crucial that Consultants keep to the Client's demands and meet deadlines on schedule. This being the reason why Clients can continue with daily roles, with their trusted Consultants planning, proposing or even supervising on their behalf. The requisite experience and versatility of the role, means that Consultants can actually juggle quite a few different projects at the same time.


A growing number of Consultants having entered the field post the Coronavirus pandemic, are keen to put their previous experience to use. Given a lot of businesses failed to reopen, either changed or are changing ownership. Consultancy therefore provides the opportunity to keep up with trends and in fact to accurately predict trends. With the steering of their business safely in their hands, knowing that this trend is here to stay.

Ethical solutions

Of relevance also is perspective. A Consultant is expected to provide not just favourable outcomes but ethical ones. Environmentalists being some of these experts. Hence it is not surprising that nowadays with ever increasing activism, more and more people wish to make valid and cogent contributions by qualifying their expertise.

Now the question becomes, whether such Consultants would last. Or indeed the trend and desirability of these consultants, would survive long after the scars of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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