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Why I Avoid Schisms

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The covid pandemic has now come to an end (by faith). Or is nearing its end (according to Politicians and their Advisors). We can choose to emerge by sweeping everything under the carpet or having a clean sweep. Since there is so much that we are yet to learn, the only way towards lasting victory is, a clean sweep.

Questions to answer

To do so, we need to consider pertinent points.

  1. Determine whether the laws were practical, useful or necessary.

  2. Distinguish what was law, the fairness of the law and its application.

  3. Identify where powers have been overreached or abused.

  4. Identify and outline what can be done better to prevent future pandemics.

  5. Assign who or what is to be blamed or held responsible for resulting loss, harm etc.

  6. Determine if harm was sufficiently serious to hold anyone accountable.

Can any of these issues be addressed without raising the issue of race? With the answer being an emphatic, yes! I proceed on this basis. Kindly refer to disclaimer below.

There is no racial divide it is racism that divides

I believe one of the critical questions will be best dealt with under medical negligence. Not about our overrun, battered NHS but about big wheels, such as pharmaceuticals and Government. Who needs to lobby who and who is supposed to protect the public? This is a fine line between public interest and the administration of public health. Leadership, especially those from developing nations often lack balance in this area. With corruption resulting in Patients having prescriptions but medication unavailable because it had been diverted to the private clinics of corrupt officials.

Here, we have noted that public interest will keep the economy booming and protect the prosperity of citizens. Whereas public health, primarily advances the welfare or wellness of citizens. Balance being achieved by weighing the urgency, necessity, expertise, diligence, care and integrity of processes, procedures, proposals, measures and remedies. This, without valid and relevant data, cannot easily be covered in this blog. However, it affects the entire citizenry, rich or poor, regardless of race. Evidently, it was initially reported that low income and overcrowded households were the largest victims of covid 19. Subsequently, this spread to Blacks and Asians by description. Thankfully, it is clear that our vaccines are not race specific. In addition, medicine is too far advanced to get entangled in schisms, and, if that does not come naturally, then it is, progress.

Additionally, both a Prime Minister and a President, who were neither Black nor Asian, were diagnosed with covid. Of this, I site authority from the Apostle, Paul. Where in his letter to the Galatians he said "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus". Is there any higher authority? What therefore, has stereotyping achieved?

Education! Education! Education!

I beg to reiterate Lady Thatcher's clarion call, Education! Education! Education! This is the principal thing and in my view, the common denominator. Which, surprisingly, does not receive as much attention as, race. Hence, the most important question to me is, what happens to children who did not take exams as a result of covid 19? Wisdom being the principal thing. For in "all your getting" we are urged to, "get understanding". Not to compete. Not to fake it. Nor corrupt it.

Education remains a desirable thing because it measures ability. Albeit it is not always, fair, when not guided by fixed principles of transparency, consistency, clarity and quality. As those were the principles that led to great achievements and incorruptible standards being put in place. It is evident that the dressing down, or hiving off from these precepts have led to the confusion and loss of direction. Not to mention the moral bankruptcy that people seem to be experiencing lately. Emerging economies, might not claim the moral high ground but they are racing ahead with education, regardless of how corrupt it is. But where are the torch bearers? And who are they? With social media becoming more complex with propaganda machines constantly churning, there is very little attention to truth. No matter how persuasive, it is inimical to have Ancient lines redrawn at a time when most people have lost their moral compass. But what is our moral worth?

Similarly, the same reason why civilization could not prevent a simple pandemic is attributable to this conscious or unconscious loss of moral standards. What is the right thing to do if I am infected? What is the right thing to do, if you are infected? And how does one get infected if everyone is doing the right thing? Here, one would postulate that it is down to the chipping away of a basic foundation. Reason why the Labour Party was popular under the charismatic Tony Blair's 'back to basics' chant. Also reason why ever so often, God in His infinite mercy, sends Leaders, who tend to ride on this popularity 'change' ticket to begin with. Even though it all seems to go wrong by the end of their term. As relevant as race may appear, the type of education that we focus on is more important. It determines our survival skills and this is crucial, regardless of race.

Not everything is about race

Answering these questions addresses cogent issues, irrespective of race. Due to the widespread impact covid 19 has had, we learn, or should have learnt, that we have more in common. Definitely, more pressing needs than race can afford. Precious race requirements have become, in my view, something that gives little insight and is increasingly providing dwindling solutions. It hides a multitude of sins or shall we say, wrongs. Just like those who do not practice what the Bible defines as pure religion but clang on about religious rights. Moreover, racism is not something all people have experienced or will experience. Particularly, not on the same level. In addition, we all have varying degrees of tolerance and intelligence when it comes to what is acceptable. Reason why there are basic laws addressing the most common and basic issues. Hate or malicious crimes can be prosecuted. So too can other anti-social behaviours.

Even so, one person's experience is sufficient to permanently end racist behaviour. Rather than the continuous discussion of rights and freedoms and form ticking exercises and violent protests. Law and order must be maintained. This way failings within the system are easily identified and tackled. Where we find systems or structures are being neglected or dismantled it is not because they are totally broken or useless. On the contrary, it is due to their transparency and sometimes, effectiveness. There is nothing wrong with some education designed to end the ignorance that leads to racist behaviour, even in institutions. Without which, racism can partner with its sworn enemy, ignorance, so long as it can forge its agenda. Hence, I do not lament vile racism. I rather maintain that racism and all its schisms, is not intended for our good. If it were, once it was or has been or is sorted for Black people, White people or Asians etc would not also need affirmative measures or action. And if we all take responsibility for our own actions, and care for our neighbour, their identity would not be how we view them but how we see ourselves. Otherwise, where would it end, when in meddling with one, there is always an 'other'/outsider? Primarily, will this labelling effect ever end, if the cause i.e., ignorance is not what is addressed or corrected?

The Shining Crown of Justice

Race is obviously important in some settings. Arguably, it has the elevated status of acceptability because job applications and health questionnaires etc, request an indication of race. I do recognise that we are all created different and this is celebrated. But we think of race because we often tick boxes that confine us to a particular identity which actually creates boundaries. With equity and justice blinded or covered by this idea called racism. It does not address serious concerns. Now the question is, whether provision or measures are in place to ensure, whatever the current alternative award that O'Level or A'Level represents, is recorded as valid and guaranteed equal status with counterparts, who complete or have completed official exam sittings. This is because children were deprived from sitting exams and graduating properly for 2 consecutive years. That being my final question for determination affects us all. Given that children are future leaders. In this process, the unchartered territory we find ourselves in, necessitates that we remember to secure whatever they have now achieved or need to recover. Not if or when the need arises, but now. By ensuring that the qualifications created are permanently recognised, as on par with their contemporaries elsewhere. This, is a necessity.


In conclusion, one would recognise that depending on individual experience, race might be a priority. This does not make it right but it is valid because individual accounts, first have devastatingly individual impact. Clearly, racism in any form is bad for business and community. Ought we then fail to take a look at reasons why racism is learned behaviour that can be unlearned. With this approach to educating ourselves, civilisation can focus on more important issues. Such as eradicating poverty, ignorance and injustice. Even then, the foundation would have the primary role of establishing what we are building on and what building blocks are desirable or principal. For a foundation to be firm, fit or proper, it must embrace issues such as justice, fairness and equity. As well as those acceptable standards and values common to humankind. Where good law, precious education and justice exist, racism, along with all its schisms, become history.

DISCLAIMER: The Author recognises that this is a sensitive period and most people are yet to even process the devastating hurricane impact, this surreal pandemic has had on us all. All grief is painful, whether from covid or otherwise. It is with this in mind that we blame no one. Find fault nowhere and certainly attack none. This blog simply analyses, scrutinises and postulates what is believed to be relevant and necessary, moving forward. It neither endorses or associates with any political party. Nor does it attack any group(s), anywhere.