The Tide of Impunity - Compliant or Complicit

It is in the interest of humanity that the rule of law is upheld. Particularly in advanced jurisdictions where many find refuge. The crucial contribution from law enforcement and adjudication cannot be understated because they are even more relevant and necessary today. So too is the integrity of our systems and structures, alongside much needed competence and common sense. The question is whether as a society, we are willing to comply with the rule of law? Can trust our Parliamentarians to enact good law? Or, are we a society that goes with the cancel culture even on policing? Which inevitably favours corrupt processes. These questions are not to be handled emotionally. At least not without first considering whether we are more comfortable with vigilante action than lawful policing. Although we believe that participation is the cornerstone of democracy, transparency is the main ingredient. That is how we know or confirm, whether or not, compliance takes place. That is also how we know that an intrusion is not taking place or who is complicit to concealing crimes. Or indeed the loopholes. All of which, renew our faith in our existing foundation. Although it reinforces the idea that when we all work together emotionally as opposed to objectively, we cannot all arrive at the same outcome. These are my reasons for the views expressed below on a different type of climate change. Along with suggestions that could turn the perceived rising tide of impunity.

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