The importance of Succession

The Importance of Succession

As I proceed with planning forthcoming events and charting the course of establishing a stable income. Investing in my autobiography and preparing for Saturday’s book launch, being chief among these activities, I realise that as the Founder of the original Fortitude, had there been continuity, Rose Fortitude would now be in equity. Is goodwill or a solid data bank sufficient for business growth and success? Perhaps. Let us not forget about assets. Which are all no doubt essential in most sectors. However, this topic concerns the indisputable integrity of human resource.

Does this mean relinquishing uniqueness?

The announcement of a new birth is always a heart warming event. It is even more beautiful when these children grow up keen to follow in the footsteps of their admirable parents. This is not to say that independence and self identity is not to be realised or applauded, on the contrary. My view only concerns those willing to follow in those footsteps because they possess the same outlook, passion and so forth. Watching ‘Coming to America 2’ was an expression of this uniqueness and the endless possibilities of continuity. The British Royal Family hierarchy and others, all affirm continuity as an essential ingredient for growth and stability. We view it as a success formula in Cardburys and Barclays too.

The question is, having yet again laid the foundation or crucial building blocks for my business empire, how long will it survive? Is anyone interested in working in my field, passionate about our values, justice, writing or reading? Or are my children even learning from our skillset? For the purpose of planning, good businesses consider this for survival. Looking at struggling businesses today, they are the ones with less people learning their skills. Oftentimes, I have found that the lack of someone with the same degree of understanding, passion, standards or even institutional knowledge alone, results in failure of a business. Recently, I have been impressed to find Pioneers like Sir Richard Branson and Holly Furtnick, having children who do not shy away from tasks. Even my local Church has our Pastor assign Youth to assist with Sunday School. All this is relevant training that enables a business to survive once the driving force retires. This preparation for a successor, is key to avoiding complete collapse.

Why am I apprehensive

As someone who has been resisting oppression and superimposed regress for almost 15 years, finding myself in never ending scams, that appear to be approved by an apparently ‘woke’ culture, with its own agenda, I imagine it all boils down to Leadership. Only crooks are benefitting. Take globalist ideology for instance. They believe in borderless nations. Whereas this not only dilutes culture and floods countries with undocumented migrants. It serves human traffickers and finances organised crime. Which all leads to ever increasing impunity. Something that fails to serve the national interest. Of course, it is agreeable to unconscionable pimps who welcome free or cheap labour. It benefits those who call for the return of slavery and have been empowering their enablers.

Who is benefitting

Although on the other hand, different insight can be a breath of fresh air to bring a complete turnaround to the fortunes of a Company. Granted even God is known to overlook apparent heirs, this is rare. Unless they have a connected background or a keen interest in the area or have been closely following the industry, it is quite unusual in reality. I do recall that before broadcasting that I was a Lawyer or had read law, few people from my motherland took any interest in law. We do not have a reading culture so only a few are readers. However, I had apparently looked successful, having built a modern house in what was considered millions in GMD, the field saw an explosion of Gambian lawyers. In fact, our Government had to open its very own first Gambian Law School. This by those who could not tell the difference that I was exposed to a totally different culture, earning in pounds sterling and had not even started practice because I had just finished my law degree. Besides, exercising poor judgment, obvious intelligence was failing because they could not, even with knowledge that I was married, consider the fact that my possessions were part of a joint effort. This testifies to a large extent and my experience at their hand, that the existing calibre of lawyers are wrongly motivated. Given they are not nearly as well rounded as good lawyers should be and as a direct result, the impact on the field has been nothing short of testing. It is those using the services that are left lamenting.

Is social media failing?

In addition, the culture of striving to prove oneself and compete with people unknown, whether with little or no knowledge of any area has also resulted in changes that continue to impact lives. Everyone is authoritative about everything. Those who are actually authoritative, are perceived as being on a script and not trustworthy. Some of these are evidenced by what we now term the ‘woke’ culture.

The result of this is superficiality and anarchy. Everyone doing whatever they like. Whereas the law abiding ones are timid observers, with many striving to convince them with ideology. Even Leaders are wasting funds and time providing quick or temporary fixes with band aid, for solving deep seated root and branch problems. Imagine being forced to learn something not because you are passionate about it but because you want what the successful person has. A clear example of this was the newly qualified Graduate who replaced me when I left but did not even last a month. Having wanted the position but without any interest in the role.

Whereas, some people have been funded not because they are good at what they are learning but because they can be controlled. Whereas my dilemma I find is that as an independent person, uninterested in their philosophy or whatever else is on offer, I am incorruptible and unowned. Granted change is risky, even criminals demand to work with people who are exactly like them.

Changes aside from Wokeness

Looking at what results after the passing of a good leader, chaos and corruption on a large and rampant scale have erupted since the passing of Nelson Mandela. The passing of Margaet Thatcher has slowly seen a struggle between the rule of law and rule of man with evidence of rise in crime. As well as moral decline and devastation of institutional traditions, such as good governance as we know it. We have seen less traditional Prime Ministers do less to preserve the Monarchy as an unassailable institution. We have them do little to preserve the integrity of the wishes of the electorate and election results. Apathy in Trade Unions in abuse of employees and poor conditions of employment have been extraordinary. To the extent that it is evident people are turning against their own country. Yet laws still exist for the protection of citizens. With those who speak out being silenced or plagued with disaster or threat of disaster, not much is worth emulating.

Therefore, with a leadership that oversees these incidents, what is in store for the future? The Gambia Methodist Church has a new Bishop with the incumbent serving her final months in officer prior to handover. How well they relate with each other; whether the newly elected will learn anything from her will only be judged after she leaves Office. The loudest voices are expected to be the ones bringing them to work together or suggest areas that they should work on to facilitate a smooth transition (and continuity) but that is where they are never around. Yet again, I am far from them so I cannot state for a fact that they are not currently engaged in best practice.

They are helping their enemy

The woke culture constructed by criminals, who are nourishing unsuspecting lamb, are actually allowed to openly carry on. Given platforms to aggressively, solely and incessantly promote their agenda. Whereas, those steadfast in Christianity or areas if justice, genuine education and doing the right thing for instance, surprisingly, do not appear to possess the same rights. No one notices or cares when they are banned, alienated or harmed. Having experienced those who are neither interested in justice, nor help those who require justice, it makes a depressing scene. Even when someone demands that what you worked for and earned should go to charity or indeed, connive to deprive a single mother and her children of their rightful property, get people to pay for a service that fails or refuses to deliver what was paid for, people do not seem to care. You see, such people end up in leadership and are controlling policies that actually see a rise in crime. Look at reporting crimes to an empty police station for instance. That is, even if you can find a Police Station. After going through that hurdle, you face being told that the service you require is dealt with online. Who approved for cases of fraud to be handled online? And what makes them think it is never associated with other crimes, that the Investigator has to link? In the event, why would security be provided by Officers you cannot identify as being part of the scam? It is when people realise that they can all work to earn or build for themselves, that I would believe that we have made a valuable transition. Since I have observed with utter horror and distress how I am not the first person ever, that has experienced these strange occurrences. It has been a deliberate and sustained cruel abuse and a personal source of anguish. With Government’s enabling by ignoring law and order or damaging its effectiveness. This would be as far as I am and distress. And how easily it could continue with many unsuspecting facilitators who are helping the thing that threatens to destroy even them. This is why I believe Leadership of some form is consistently on my agenda.


Even if not their named successor, a good leader will not hesitate to share knowledge that would benefit the same side. Mentorship also has an element of relinquishing control and responsibility. As a result of this poor appeal, we have also seen Leaders throwing good money after bad, funding projects, that had they consulted broadly. The appeal factor from both sides is therefore lacking if both individuals are not in a good relationship.

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