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Scam alert

Generally, I am a novice when it comes to all things technical. This being the case, I stick with the familiar. So, it is no surprise that I returned to the tools/hosts I used to build websites for the original Fortitude, Fortitude International and Fortitude International Logistics when I had to build sites for Redemption General and Rose Fortitude. With much satisfaction on this achievement, for needing very little help, this feat was non-transferable when it comes to confirming whether or not money was debited from my bank account. Only because the balance reduced without me spending that much and money vanished in little amounts. With there being no record on statement showing where or how the money was spent. This all happened within 5 days last week and remains unreported due to this uncertainty.

But this is how it started. My phone recently installed 2 updates and my bank app notified of changes which I had to accept. This came along with new terms and conditions which I also accepted. However, I noticed that it was now more prone to yield error messages at login. Instead of opening directly to access the account upon the first attempt, it would roll on and on, only to submit an error. It is the Bank’s duty to keep its networks secure so long as I do my part, of keeping my security details private. It transpired that I made a small donation on a website, but it was declined. So, I made about 3 other attempts. When it finally processed, I logged off. Lo and behold, in the morning, it transpired that it had made successful payments twice.

It is possible therefore that it is the app that is flawed because I then had to make a purchase on a website that was recommended to me. Noting that I prefer confirming whether using visa or master or Amex etc instead of whether using a debit or credit card. However, proceeded with purchase. This was declined. I sorted finances and tried again. This time around it was uneventful and purchased successfully. The following morning, I had to pay a bill and as soon as money was paid into the account, this Company snapped it up and I had to transfer more money for my bill. I found this odd due to the money having been deducted and placed on the pending section from the previous night. With text notification stating sum had been paid, arriving on my phone, also from the night before. Meanwhile, I had cancelled this purchase the same night and my refund arrived 3 days later.

What was later to unfold, was repeated occurrence, on a small subsequent purchase on a previously trusted popular website. Payment returned declined despite funds in the account. I made 2 attempts, 1 of which was locked in pending, the day before, with next day delivery confirmed. Only for delivery to fail to take place. Upon checking the account to identify the problem, I found payment had been declined, despite no other transactions pending. Having only successfully made a purchase on same website less than 5 days prior. Funds were certainly in the account when I last checked.

So, another transfer took place and the order was again made, for next day delivery. Transaction processed and confirmed, without delivery. This time, there was no form of notification of payment being made. Therefore I called the Company and was told that the transaction was pending. Because time had passed since delivery was expected, I cancelled the transaction. No money was refunded because without notification of money spent, I was unsure whether the money had actually left my account. Yet by then, my bank balance had been considerably reduced. With my calculation of about £78 unaccounted for. Unnoticeable due to it not going missing in a bulk but in small amounts.

Beware, it is organised crime and judging from my situation and experiences, they do have bigger scams. Recognising their mo, we can throw the book at them. To begin with, the first suspect would be the professional whose duty it is to prevent this. It is particularly, more questionable if they maintain that there is nothing they can do to prevent scams.


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