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Reform is the best Revolution

There is a price tag.

Yet I took a walk down the fields of their revolution.

There were no flowers. No law or joy. But they had power. And with that they were satisfied to plunder. And control. But I knew flowers would spring again. Choosing reform is not easy to the untrained eye. Choosing reform is not easy for the untrained ear. Choosing reform is not the first choice of the disgruntled. Perhaps because emotions are high. Just ask the French. How their revolution did not help Passengers often left stranded. Or businesses often disrupted. In continuous protests to nowhere. Because their revolution made nothing better. Choosing reform should be the first choice in a rule of law. Choosing reform is the first choice in a democracy. It is not always easy. But choosing reform is choosing wisely. Where not getting your hands dirty is a genuine concern. It avoids desperate alliances with the unscrupulous. It is often better at fishing out culprits. Smoothing out rough areas. And leads to fairness. Who would despise that which is transparent. And much better than surrender to crooks and power grabbers. Choosing reform is not always the first choice in dispute. But do not be fooled, for it is not the first choice of organised criminals either. I have seen those who rob and call it helping you. Those who hold nations to ransom and call it justice. They do all they can to destroy but call it god's will. Precisely why you need to choose reform. The revolution they desire brings lawlessness. I can tell that they don't fear God. Without you knowing that your pain was all their doing. Organising the grievance that brought you to a condition ripe for a revolution. Only it is a fake revolution. Organised by charlatans and crooks. Full of deceit and nothing good to offer. Choose reform. And show them that you know they are liars. Incapable of anything good.

Otherwise they would have proved their worth earlier. I do not seek to convince that freedom must not come with a price tag. But reform breaks the chains of disorder. Reform brought by even the best revolution is false. True reform costs nothing yet it rights wrongs and prevents wrongs. Only criminals need convincing. That to enjoy the birds chirping once again. Watch radiant flowers bloom where planted. One must be free of all encumbrance. For therein lies the home of reform where dog or human run free.

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