Norms - a culture of justice

Looking at major upheavals and activities in current affairs, some have been known to say these are the end times. Others have attributed successes and failures to all manner of categories. Particularly those unused to having systems that work or have no idea why or how systems and institutions are built to last. This is why, a majority of people appreciate places where processes and laws are put in place. Also reason why those places attract many who appreciate such culture. Although the obverse may be true, since the naïve or sheltered appear as fodder to hardened criminals. It is nonetheless, more desirable to have and maintain law and order in modern times than espousing anarchy. Given reasons why people can plan for old age is because they largely have security, better healthcare and longevity (depending on lifestyle choices) and so forth. Reason enough for law abiding citizens to relinquish control to the State through democratic channels. Hence, such States are allowed to become robust machines, taking on the enormous responsibility of legislating, regulating, educating, protecting, enforcing, developing, implementing and in advanced systems, caring and perhaps, distributing. This simply justifies why people are content to have a say at elections and allow the State to take decisions without returning to Voters every 10 days for consent. The casting of votes being one of the major control mechanisms of State power continues to demand the essential integrity of processes and systems. Thus, the balance maintained in this jurisdiction, has always been both exemplary and especially unique.

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