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How to make the most out of remote meetings

The internet has created the opportunity to connect worldwide within seconds. It is therefore necessary for busy entrepreneurs to hold meetings at the click of a button rather than fly for miles, in some instances. Particularly given the covid pandemic and its restrictions.


The Services we offer at Rose Fortitude, are designed to: -

  1. Simplify needs

  2. Help you manage your time so you can achieve more in less time

  3. Grow your business

  4. Facilitate meetings

  5. Stay current &

  6. Shop all in one place

Remote Meetings

This is the reason why we highly recommend remote meetings, where suitable. The best part of it is that we can attend remote meetings on your behalf without missing a single detail. As a growing business, we intend to also build our language portfolio to enable Clients obtain all services from one place.

Remote meetings also have the advantage of increasing productivity. Meetings can be set up quickly. Which in turn ensures timely project completion.


  1. Will always be prompt because you can attend from any location

  2. Avoid the covid restrictions of mask wearing and social distancing

  3. The chances of contracting covid are slim

  4. Use notes and no one will notice

  5. Save time and cost of travel

  6. Does not need a physical address

  7. Swift decision making


  1. No relationship with business partners

  2. More risks

  3. Subject to unpredictable network connection

We can see that remote meetings have an enormous potential. However, depending on your sector or area of interest, it comes with a prayer that advanced technology is matched with significant progress elsewhere. Otherwise, travelling becomes a necessity, once more.

Like everything else, preparation is key. This is where Rose Fortitude fits in. There is prayer for Divine intervention but there is also practical knowledge to suit Client's requirements. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you conduct research and know what to expect, to avoid disappointment.

For more on this and other recent trends, please revisit our weekly posts. Expert contributions are highly solicited.

Thank you. God richly bless you.

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