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Email v Post

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I might be risk averse but this, here, is my blog of the year. It is very short indeed. I suspect those working in AI might have already picked up on this. Simply, emails are not the most reliable form of communication. I would recommend a return to post for 2 reasons: -

1. I found an email in my inbox more than 5 years after it had been sent. However, at the time the reply was expected, I had been checking regularly. Only for 2 more to emerged when I found it. I believe they were March, August & September for an address that was already recognised by my inbox.

2. I also recently found mail from a year ago, when at the time I was expecting a reply, I checked often. However, this could have been mail from an address that my mailbox failed to recognise and dropped in junk. As a technical novice, I am unable to trace it to its original 'space/source' but this batch is generally retrieved with searches from my inbox.

Emails would be safer for those who manually record email sent and received the same way in which they record inbound and outgoing post.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is safer to post mail.

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