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At Rose Fortitude, we understand that change is not always easy.  Experience has taught us to always make your business success our priority.  In todays business environment, time is of the essence and we help you make the most of your time by doing the things we can do better.  


Our team of experts are ready to help you develop strategies for surviving and thriving. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation or share your expertise.  This is a place where you are guaranteed a professional approach.


Committed to Excellence

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Rose Fortitude offers comprehensive capabilities and industry knowledge across 3 common law jurisdictions to solve the most complex issues of your Organisation.  We are performance driven, including having missed the NYB by only 6 points (self taught in 3 weeks), the founding Director is most recognised for turning losses around!  

We welcome partnership and expertise from those with high standards and incorruptible values.  

We offer creative and ethical solutions and because we understand that change is not always easy, we stay with you until you attain your goals.  And develop training programs to meet your needs in a simple and transparent way.  

Our forums (starting in October) are designed for open discussion.  With stimulating topics, open and honest discussions, we hope to explore new ethical frontiers together.  

Our growing team of experts (growth is desirable but for the time being there is just one Consultant) are ready to help you develop strategies for lasting success. Training programmes are available to support your Staff.


Our current list of Directors need populating so please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to share your expertise.  Sharon Ajakaiye is the Founding Director of Rose Fortitude and its philanthropic not for profit organisation, Redemption General Advocacy | Redemptiongeneral.com (redemptiongeneraluk.com).  Her passion for justice and stance against corrupt and sharp practices has earned her the most fought, longest standing contender in the legal industry.  Acquiring an LLB from Birkbeck College in 2006 and industry related experience from working with City and West End firms, Civil Service (Gambia) and recently, local Government (UK).  As the most persecuted Survivor, she is the dynamo to consult if you need to fish out or solve the source of niggling issues.  Or indeed stand up to criminals and bullies. Consult us to benefit from her experience, even if all you need is to have opponents or rivals clean up their act.


 Law and Practice (robbed of a Certificate by criminals) 

  We can also provide simple direction or inspiration for starting up a business.  We promise to stand by our non-disclosure agreement from day one.  You will also be kept informed every step of the way.  Although depending on the package, we may need to collaborate with or connect you with relevant professional partners.

Expertise includes, typing at 100wpm.  Minute taking.  Advocacy.  Research.  Writing and legal drafting.  Business start ups.  Strategic planning.  Project Management.  Public administration.  Training of Trainers.  Publishing on Amazon Kdp. 


St Mary's High School - 7 O'Levels 

St Augustine's High School - 4 A'Levels 

Lewisham College Sep 1998/1999 - Pitmans, CLAIT & OCR

Birkbeck Law School 2006 - LLB Law BA Hons

College of Law LPC 2007 - Officially Passing Legal Drafting & Writing, Research, Conduct and Solicitors Accounts only.  Unofficially passing Property and Advocacy. 

Makerere University 2011 - Project Management/Training of Trainers/Public Administration

The Gambia Law School 2017 - Completing the Bar and passing all subjects.  Refusing to resit Conduct for obvious reasons.  Litigated and lost. 

February 2019 - Thereafter returned to the United Kingdom for career progression and professional development.

CPD November 2021 - Employment Law Level 5 Diploma

Health & Fitness November 2021 - Personal Trainer Training CPD & IAO Certified

One Education December 2021 - Criminology Diploma IAO, CPD Certified

Brentwood Open Learning College December 2021 - Human Resource Management (short course)

One Education June 2022 - Forensic Psychology & Offender Profiling 

Health & Fitness August 2022 - Conveyancing Level 5 Diploma CPD & IAO

Partners are invited. 

Investors are welcome.

As a new business with humble beginnings, we are unable to recruit at the moment but we need a Manager and a Book Keeper/Accountant/Administrator in the near future.  Please keep checking our Careers page for updates. 


Fatherland - Ghana

Motherland - The Gambia

Children - British born of Nigerian heritage

London December 1994 - March 2011

Uganda - Philanthropy & Entrepreneurial 2011 - December 2013

Gambia 2014 - February 2019

Walsall February 2013 - Date

Non-oppressive Christian..

We look forward to doing business with you. 

Many thanks.